Matison Data retention solution is a comprehensive system for storage of historic data collected from telecommunication services.

Matison LIMS active interception solution enable Law Enforcement Agencies - LEAs and intelligence organizations access to telecommunication service provider network and provide standardized interfaces for real-time access to communication services during criminal investigations.

Service providers will get a standardized solution and compliance to regulatory requirements with seamless integration into their networks. The solution is provided for fast deployment with minimal cost to the network operator, and ensures integrity of intercepted data with complete communication security end-to-end.

Matison LIMS
Matison DPI

Matison DPI Probe is powerful resource for gathering communication data either for Packet Data or Voice. Our goal is to empower Operators with providing more in-depth understanding about communication flowing through their network.Matison DPI Probe is fully scalable solution based on COTS HW (Common Of The Shelf Hardware) capable of processing traffic flow at line speed. Today Matison is capable of handling up to 2x 100G ports on single server deployments while next generation Probe is targeted for 400G ports.

Matison DR. Any service provider's environment is supported, either fixed, mobile or cable, ensuring that all data is consolidated without added cost of implementing different systems for different environments. It analyses and stores users data like subscriptions, usage from particular service, devices, access to network resources. Matison DR system integrated with Matison LI and service provider's network infrastructure is capable to implement all requirements of ETSI LI DR specifications and will significantly cut costs of overall LI DR system implementation when both systems are deployed.

Matison DR