Lawful Interception of Mobile Data

MATISON LI mediation system supports different deployment scenarios for interception of communication data. Support for interception of Mobile data is possible in 2G, 3G, 4G while full support for 5G mobile network architecture will be available soon. Our flexible modular design and distributed architecture provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability to ensure reliable delivery to Law Enforcement Agencies. 

The solution is implemented following ETSI and 3GPP standards ensuring highest compliancy to LI regulatory requirements.

MATISON LI is integrated with leading network equipment vendors of packet core equipment and is versatile to any vendor through industry standard interfaces.



Pure deployment of MATISON DPI Probe is independent of network elements/vendors. From HW installation perspective there is no influence on current network service delivery infrastructure.


Development of MATISON DPI Probe is oriented towards horizontal scaling and ability to apply Pay-As-You-Grow model with minimal impact in case of expansion.


Implementation of MATISON DPI Probe is fully based on tapping the physical line, for interconnection IPSec tunnels are created with SSL based communication.


Once the DPI Probe is deployed, this resource is available for various shareholders, from security requirements and operations to marketing specialists and customer care.


MATISON DPI Probe is built in accordance to Industry standards as defined by ETSI and 3GPP standardisation bodies.


Purpose of MATISON DPI Probe is to have unique and trusted resource of information, however different information should be available to different consumers which is available with our multitenant support.

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