DPI Probe for Packet Data and Voice

MATISON DPI probe is powerful resource for gathering communication data either for Packet Data or Voice.

Our goal is to empower Operators with providing more in-depth understanding about communication flowing through their network.

Our DPI Probe is fully scalable solution based on COTS HW (Common Of The Shelf Hardware) capable of processing traffic flow at line speed.

MATISON DPI Probe is capable of handling up to 2x 100G ports on single server deployments while next generation Probe is targeted for 400G ports.



Pure deployment of MATISON DPI Probe is independent of network elements/vendors. From HW installation perspective there is no influence on current network service delivery infrastructure.


Development of MATISON DPI Probe is oriented towards horizontal scaling and ability to apply Pay-As-You-Grow model with minimal impact in case of expansion.


Implementation of MATISON DPI Probe is fully based on tapping the physical line, for interconnection IPSec tunnels are created with SSL based communication.


Once the DPI Probe is deployed, this resource is available for various stakeholders, from security requirements and operations to marketing specialists and customer care.


MATISON DPI Probe is built in accordance to Industry standards as defined by ETSI and 3GPP standardisation bodies.


Purpose of MATISON DPI Probe is to have unique and trusted resource of information, however different information should be available to different consumers which is available with our multitenant support.

Use cases

Based on increasing number of terroristic attacks and other criminal activities, governments worldwide are introducing regulations for monitoring of communication data. In some cases either by requirement from government Agency or pure technical limitations on the Communication Service Provider equipment only option to comply with this regulation is to have MATISON DPI Probe for intercepting targeted communication.

Within the Service Provide network each day we see increasing development of technologies, customer services, complexity of network itself. For network operations teams we see usage of various tools to detect and troubleshoot root cause. By deploying MATISON DPI Probe in targeted network interconnection points, network operations can have trusted, reliable and real-time information about the condition on the network.

For deploying successful marketing campaigns, we should acquire correct information about the potential customers and current services provided. To gather that information marketing faces usually long-term process before even starting to prepare campaigns.

With MATISON DPI Probe real-time information is available and deployable within seconds:
- Location based marketing – MATISON DPI Probe deployed inside Radio Network of CSP allows to provide mass information for potential customers (numbers based on gender, age, interest…)
- Usage based marketing – MATISON DPI Probe deployed inside CSP Data or Voice Core could provide useful information about potential cross-sell or up-sell, and even potential network expenditure if required.

Nowadays the customers are becoming more demanding and services are steered to become more customised for each particular user. Tracking of such differences requires to have in-depth understanding of all traffic flows on the CSP network.

With MATISON DPI Probe we empower CSP to have that in-depth understanding of service behaviour for each user.

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