Lawful Interception of Voice services

Matison LI active and passive interception solution enable Law Enforcement Agencies - LEAs and intelligence organizations access to telecommunication service provider network and provide standardized interfaces for real-time access to communication services during criminal investigations.

Service providers will get a standardized solution and compliance to regulatory requirements with seamless integration into their networks. The solution is provided for fast deployment with minimal cost to the network operator, and ensures integrity of intercepted data with complete communication security end-to-end.



Through modular design and centralized administration our system grows as service provider network grows ensuring low TCO and through utilization of standard off the shelf hardware


Matison LI solutions are fully compliant to ETSI interception regulations and standards, and adaptability to support other regional or country-specific regulations


Ensuring security from end-to-end. All deployed systems in any configuration are configured with industry standard security and encryption, ensuring that only authorised personnel have insight in system operation


Multiple sites and intelligence organizations are supported over implemented Matison LI systems and identities of targets remain undisclosed throughout different organizations, utilising layered security approach


The system is seamlessly integrated both in the service provider network and toward other interception monitoring centre facilities

LIMS Solution includes:

Mobile Voice / IMS / VOIP
Matison LI mediation system supports different deployment scenarios for interception ofvoice communication data, whether they are provided through Mobile Voiceplatforms like MSC/MSS, or through network elements using new IMS architectureor softswitches. In all those scenarios Matison LI mediation system can providevoice communication delivery to the Law Enforcement Agencies. Our flexiblemodular design and distributed architecture provides unparalled flexibility andscalability to ensure reliable delivery of communication traffic.  Thesolution is implemented following ETSI and 3GPP standards ensuring highestcompliancy to LI regulatory requirements. Matison LI is integrated with leadingnetwork equipment vendors voice core equipment and is versatile to interfaceany vendor through industry standard interfaces.

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