We firmly believe in building long term partnerships as a best way to secure business success. You can benefit from our partner programs if you join as an Agent, Reseller or Service Partner in our Partner Program.

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About Partner Program

Our program provides the sales tools, marketing assistance, support and resources to enable consistent and sustainable growth. Partners join the program at a Level that reflects their investment and business objectives.

We are dedicated to providing our partners with the solutions and services they need to maintain their competitive edge, keep customers satisfied, and sustain business growth. Our partner programs feature a wide array of partner enablement resources, whether you seek to integrate your complementary products with Matison, incorporate Matison lawful intercept as part of a consulting engagement or system deployment, or add Matison to the portfolio of products you sell.

Partner program benefits

  • Increased sales for both parties
  • Joint Business development
  • Well defined relations and work processes
  • Guaranteed partner support through pre-sales and after sales
  • Clearly defined contacts and market responsibility
  • Fast response to customer requests
  • Premium product deployment
  • Long term relationship
Become a partner