We Help Telecom Providers With Fully Compliant & Flexible Lawful Interception Solution Backed With High-Quality Support

Your Team Should Be Secure & Confident In Their Ability To Handle Any Situation

When you are the person who is expected to solve all Lawful Interception issues, you need a fully compliant and flexible LI solution backed with high-quality support.

The technological world and political landscape are rapidly evolving and unless you and your team keep up to date, you will be under the constant stress that comes with system downtime and the threat of regulatory fines.

That is why we always strive to develop long-term and trusted relationships.

We believe that simplicity is the key to genius, for a LI solution to create order from the chaos, your system needs to be simple to use, work 24/7, be flexible, and have great support.

Here is how to start

Schedule a discovery call and communicate your needs & specifics

Experience a demo and receive an optimized technical proposal

Enjoy long-term cooperation with a flexible and future proof LI System

With our extensive experience in the telco and Lawful Interception field we know the difficulties that security/compliance officers deal with on a daily basis.

For some of our internet service providers and mobile and fixed network operators, we have been providing and upgrading our lawful interception systems since 2008, with no downtime ever!

Now is more important than ever to have a reliable vendor that can deploy fast and future-proof solutions tailored specifically to your need, that are easily customized and backed by 24/7 support.

Our solutions are



Future Proof


MATISON Benefits

Low operational costs due to modular design and centralized administration

Complete end-to-end communication security

Avoid HW vendor lock-in

Fast time-to-market of new regulation requirements

Seamless integration into existing networks

Consolidating existing fixed and mobile LI systems

Start using a secure & flexible Lawful Interception Solution that assures long term compliance & transparency

Stop worrying about regulatory fines and

Enjoy a more relaxed & less stressed work environment, confident your LI solution can handle any situation

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Lawful Interception needs to be supported for home routed (S8HR) VoLTE roaming according to local regulation as authorities in the visited country may require access to a specific inbound roamer call.

Download our e-book "Top Challenges in Lawul Interception for S8HR Volte Roaming" and make sure you and your team are up to date with the latest challanges and solutions.

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