Real-time interception of communication services

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Matison is the complete Lawful Interception solution that helps telecommunication service providers become compliant to regulatory requirements of providing Law enforcement organizations with technical assistence during criminal investigations.

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Matison Lawful Interception

Matison lawful interception mediation solution helps telecommunication service providers comply with regulatory requirements by enabling real-time interception of communication for all range of services like phone calls, VoIP calls, VoLTE, SMS, MMS, e-mail, messaging and internet access.

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Matison Data Retention

Matison DR – Lawful Intercept Data Retention is a system for inspection of historic data from telecommunication services and provides access to service providers information.

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matison benefits

Low operational costs due to modular design and centralized administration

Complete communication security end-to-end

Avoids HW vendor lock-in

Fast time-to-market of new regulation requirements

Seamless integration into existing networks

Consolidating existing fixed and mobile LI systems

Matison Partner Program

We firmly believe in building long term partnerships as a best way to secure business success. You can benefit from our partner programs if you join as an Agent, Reseller or Service Partner in our Partner Program. Our program provides the sales tools, marketing assistance, support and resources to enable consistent and sustainable growth. Partners join the program at a Level that reflects their investment and business objectives.

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About Matison

Matison is a subsidiary of Sedam IT Ltd. Sedam IT is one of the leading ICT companies in Croatia delivering high quality solutions and services to its customers since 1992. Sedam IT has been providing lawful interception systems for internet service providers, mobile and fixed network operators since 2008.

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ISS World Europe 2018 - Thank you for visiting

We gladly come back to ISS World in Prague each year, with this one marking special event about Matison. It is the first time that we show off Matison during exhibition, especially as more than 2.000 delegates from over 90 countries attended. This comes as a joyful reminder of our anniversary for new Matison brand that we celebrated during the conference, and that is why we are all so excited.

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Matison is exhibiting!

We are pleased to announce that Matison will be exhibiting at the ISS World Conference in Prague. It will be a perfect opportunity to connect again and find out how we can support you in reaching your regulation requirements.

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