Lawful Interception of Legacy Voice

Even though a majority of fixed voice network providers have migrated to a more modern voice platforms, legacy voice communication networks are still around. While they already have a working implementation of the lawful interception utilizing PSTN/ISDN links, there are scenarios where operators need to either consolidate their LI platforms or provide IP delivery to the Law Enforcement Agencies.

This is where MATISON LI mediation system can provide benefit and modernization of LI platform while keeping the cost down.

Our flexible modular design and distributed architecture provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability to ensure reliable delivery to Law Enforcement Agencies. 

The solution is implemented following ETSI and 3GPP standards ensuring highest compliancy to LI regulatory requirements.

MATISON LI is integrated with leading network equipment vendors voice core equipment and is versatile to interface any vendor through industry standard interfaces.

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